• Openglad is a 4-player (split-screen!), overhead, hack-and-slash game, available for tons of platforms!
What is this?

Openglad was jointly created on and off since 1993 by Forgotten Sages, Snowstorm Entertainment, and Dinomage Games. Forgotten Sages originally developed Gladiator in the early 1990s and opensourced it to Snowstorm Entertainment in the early 2000s, who ported it to Windows, Linux, and MacOS and released it as Openglad. Dinomage Games then picked it up, modernized the source code, and released updated versions (including an Android and, soon, an Ouya port!) in the early 2010s.

How do I play?

Just starting out? Read the manual to get your bearings!

Where do I get it?

We're gearing up to make a new, awesome release, so stay tuned. Openglad is/will be available for the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Android available now!
  • Ouya available now!

How can I help?

Openglad is open source. That's the reason it's still around today, and if you'd like to see it around even longer, you can help! Send us a pull request on Github with some new features, or support us by buying the Android or Ouya ports!

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